(Ep. 4) Sailing to Holland. This is why you must always stay alert in locks.

Episode 4 is ready.

This episode is part of the continuing story of how we sailed from the cold north to the sunny Mediterranian sea on the european waterways.

In Episode 4 we sail from the last city in Germany, Haren to Holland towards Groningen on the Haren Rütenbrock canal. 

Also this episode contains 6 important tips to prepare for and enter locks on the european waterways.

This is our first time in the small locks with lots of current and close to other boats. We have some moderate drama in the first lock where another boat gets close several times and throughout the day in other locks. 

We get some plastic in the propeller and the engine stops and the boat is floating in the canal without power.

We sail in a convoy with two other boats, a big red boat and a Finnish one. At the end of the canal the two other boats turn left and we turn right towards Ter Apel and Groningen.

During the day we pass many bridges, some are big concrete/steel bridges others are so small that one man can turn them easily.

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