Starting to actually sail

Well now I was the proud owner of a small boat located in a marina 26 nautical miles(30 miles, 48 kilometers) from Copenhagen that needed to be moved to her new home marina in the city.
I could hardly wait to get it home, everyday I was studying the weather forecasts almost every hour. But to no avail the weather in the cold north is rough and we had high winds for weeks.

But finally one day the weather was reasonable and finally I could bring it to Copenhagen.
It turned out to be quite a trip for a beginner like me. First we hit the ground inside the other marina, lesson learned: don’t sail too close to the bridge with small boats!
But it came off the ground with some wiggling and out into the ocean. Up came the sails and everything was working.
But even though I knew all the theory of navigation and had even bought all the paper maps(this was before GPS devices became really big) I didn’t pay enough attention to our actual location. One thing the boat also missed was a depth charger, so I had no idea how much water I had under the keel.
So south of the island Amager we got way too close to the coast and bumped into a rock. Turned the boat around immediately and nothing more happened.

The trip from Vallensbæk to Copenhagen with the rock about halfway.
© OpenStreetMap contributors. Tiles courtesy of Andy Allan. Website and API terms

Well that was quite a shock but a very important lesson was learned. Don’t forget where you are in a boat!

But I did arrive home to Copenhagen after my very first sailing trip in my own boat.

La Sardina arrived in Copenhagen.

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