In 2009 I was happily working as an IT consultant in Copenhagen in the cold northern part of Europe. Days were long and intense but still I had some free time to spare on something new and exciting.

Being born and raised in a small village in the inland part of Denmark meant I had only a very few times been on a pleasure boat. My knowledge of sailing, navigation and caring for a boat was literally zero. I even had a strong tendency to become seasick on ferries so everything was against me from the beginning. 

But none of that sussed me away from dreaming about sailing around the Copenhagen port with the old channels, docks and the old defense islands in the strait of Øresund. Maybe even whizzing to Sweden across the strait could be a fun activity on the weekends.

My idea was to get a slick, fast small motorboat of the type with a big V8 engine. Here in the cold north a certificate is needed for fast motorboats, but it’s no big problem and it can be had after participating in a short weekend course. Some even offer the certificate in one single day. 

But I was a little worried about the low amount of general knowledge I would obtain on such a short course. Coming from a background of no boats and suddenly being on an ocean kind of worried me a little. How about boyes, rules, regulations and safety, I had no knowledge about anything relating to boats and the ocean.

Next level would be to obtain a certificate of competency for yachtsmen in a sailing club. Then I would learn everything about navigation and safety and this card would also be valid for a fast motorboat. But I quickly realised the long timeframe for this certificate, people were often spending 1-2 years to get this certificate in sailing clubs. This did certainly not fit my impatient nature !! 

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