Buying a boat

Well here I was with my freshly printed certificate of competency and nowhere to sail with no boat and no actual experience at all.
The sailing season in the cold north is short only a few months and here we were eager to sail. I knew people with boats and pestered them all about taking me with them on their next trip. But soon I learned a dark truth about the boat world: people actually rarely sail their boats. Most only a handful of times during the short season. Some even never leave the pier during the entire season.
Growing quite desperate with the situation and the vaning sailing season I decided to buy a small sailing boat. I was still not 100% sure of my own commitment and time available but I wanted some experience now and I would not just let the sailing season end without some more sailing.

My requirements for a sailing boat was first and most important of all that it must be sailing ready right now. I’m such a big procrastinator and a year long project was not in my plans. Most likely I would never have finished. I wanted to sail right now before the season ended.
Second requirement was that It must not be bigger than I can sail it alone. Larger boats can be very difficult or even impossible to sail alone. Especially leaving and arriving at the dock can be problematic alone.

Started searching papers and the internet for boats and soon this old Albin Viggen turned up.

The sales ad for La Sardina.

It was owned by a family that just arrived home from their summer sailing trip and it was 100% ready to go here and now. It had a good size for solo sailing and it was even reasonably priced as the market was at that time. The price was so low that it was no problem if I later wanted to get rid of it. It was located in a marina Vallensbæk just south of Copenhagen so it would be no problem to bring it home. At that time I was convinced that if continuing to sail I would get something in the 40 foot range.

Contacted the owner and we met up for a test trip. This boat turned out to be exactly what I was looking for and I bought it on the spot.

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