Around Denmark

In the following years I would spend as much time on the boat as possible. All vacations and weekends I went out sailing. Even on work days in the season I would go for a quick sail after being in the cubicle all day. We were living very close to the coast of Copenhagen and it was only a few short minutes to walk to the boat.

I gained a lot of import routine in preparing the boat, leaving and arriving, hoisting sail and tacking in that period of the first season.

It was not always smooth sailing and often I was close to hitting the many buoys in Copenhagen port.

Also had to learn to take care of the boom and you can see here. Near miss or a near hit.ufff

So here I was sailing around the port in Copenhagen among cruise ships, merchant vessels and off course a lot of pleasure boats.

It was a good place to get more sailing experience because it was very protected from waves and wind. When it was very windy with high waves I would sail inside the walls of Copenhagen port and on more pleasant days I would sail outside in the strait towards Sweden.

As I gained more and more experience I wanted to explore all of Denmark on the 7 danish seas.

Started out on small weekend trips with the admiral and soon we sailed further and further and deeper into the ocean.

Around Denmark.
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I also took up fishing in those years. Normally I wouldn’t even touch a fish with a pole and much less eat it. But now on a boat I thought it could be fun to catch some. The admiral insisted that if I was to catch fish then I also had to eat them and not just eat a steak.

Well challenge accepted, bought some equipment and found a work colleague that was an expert in fishing.

Good catch 🙂

Soon we were catching hornfisk, codfish and many other species. At first it was difficult for me to eat them but fresh fish is something completely different. They taste so fresh and there is no foul smell and now I enjoy fresh fish as often as possible.

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